Our Roof Bar Kits include everything you need to attach Thule Roof Bars to your vehicle.

A complete kit will typically consists of a pair of roof bars, a foot pack and a fitting kit.  But this does vary from vehicle to vehicle and different roof types.




We understand how confusing it can get choosing a set of roof bars.  With so many options and variations, it can be a headache.  That's why we've worked with thule to create a database that makes it easy for our customers.  Simply enter your vehicle above to find compatible roof racks for your vehicle.  In most cases you will see 6 x results (option A to F).  Each option contains everything you need for your vehicle,  a set of bars, a foot pack and a fitting kit.  Some vehicles do not require all 3 parts but rest assured whichever option you choose, you will receive everything you need.

If you are not sure what roof type your vehicle has, check out our blog post which will help you understand and select the correct option.  CLICK HERE

To read about the different styles of roof bar and the benefits / disadvantages of each CLICK HERE

The roof bars shown will be the recommended length for your vehicle.  However, you may be able to substitute for a different length of bar if you wish.  It's worth checking with us first if you want to do this.

All styles of bar allow you to load any type of Thule roof box, and pretty much any other brand on the market.  You can also load cycle carriers, kayaks and surfboards, ski carriers and much more.  Check with each individual product description for compatibility with each style of roof rack.

If no options are shown once you've entered your vehicle details, Thule do not currently offer a solution.  It would be worth checking with the vehicle manufacturer directly in this case to see if they can supply roof bars.