Thule Roof Bar Types

Many people starting out on their roof bar journey have never considered what type of roof they have and why it is important when selecting a suitable set of roof bars.  Below is a simple guide to help you ensure you select the correct products.


Normal Roof
A normal roof is one that has nothing on top at all.  If you have anything on top of the roof such as rails or fixing points (sometimes found under a removable/retractable strip) then the vehicle is NOT a normal roof.
Flush Rails Roof Type
Flush rails is normally a visible rail parallel to the doors on the roof.  A flush rail does not have a gap meaning you would not be able to put your hand underneath and wrap your hand around the rail.
Roof Rail Roof Type
A visible rail which is similar to flush rails but there is a gap underneath that will allow you to put your hand under and grip the rail.
Fixed Points on Roof
Fix points can be found on the roof of the vehicle and are usually above each door.  Sometimes they are hidden under a strip or cover.


The above are the most common styles found on vehicles but there are other types found too.  If you're not sure what type of roof your vehicle has please contact us before ordering so we can ensure you find compatible products.  If you have a glass or panoramic roof we can also check and confirm if the bars will be compatible.

If you cannot find your roof type using our SELECT YOUR VEHICLE tool on our homepage, it's possible that no products are compatible.  Please contact us if you need confirmation.
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Scott Rennie

Scott Rennie

Hi looking for roof bars for a 2013 Vauxhall insinga salon do you have any pictures after they are fitted as they are just holes under the door frame

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