Not sure which bars are compatible with your vehicle?  Don't know what style to choose?  How much to spend?  This guide will help you make a decision so you can buy the perfect Roof Rack for your needs.  Scroll down for more.


- Use our Buyer's Guide to find compatible Roof Bar Kits for your vehicle.  Click here to go to our homepage and enter your vehicle in the boxes shown near the top of the page

- You need to be sure what type of roof your vehicle has.  This is a common mistake.  Use this link to help understand different roof types.  Click here

- Roof Bar Kits include a pair of roof bars and everything you need to fit them to your roof

- In general, a kit will consist of 3 parts. The roof bars, a foot pack and a fitting kit.  But there are some exceptions which is explained below

- All roof racks are designed to carry at least 75kg but you should check your vehicles max roof load too

- Once you have a set of bars it opens up a world of opportunities to carry items such as a Roof Box, Cycle Carriers, Water Sport Racks, Winter Sport Racks and much more

- Consider what you want to carry on the bars and check the products are compatible with your preferred style or Roof Rack



The cheapest of the Thule range but that doesn't mean they aren't a great choice allowing you to carry a multitude of accessories including all Thule Roof Boxes.  But there are a few things to consider if choosing this style.

1).  Due to the design this style of bar is noisier than others in the range shown below

2).  Due to it's more simple design, there are no slots along the bar which means you cannot use t-track adapters (more on this below).  You may also need an adapter to fit some bike racks.  Check the individual products to see if they are compatible with this type of bar

WingBar Evo

The most popular brand of bars we sell, this aerodynamic roof rack system provides an exceptionally quiet ride and easy installation of accessories.

1). Available in silver or premium black finish

2). This bar includes a slot for adding T-track adaptors (used for loading various accessories)

3). Bars take a heavier load, up to 100kg (always check vehicles max load too)

WingBar Edge

The actual bar is identical to the WingBar Evo but is integrated into the feet making it an all in one system.  A popular design due to it's lower profile on the roof which reduces the overall height of the load and makes them the quietest option.

1).  Unlike the WingBar Evo, this bar has a max load of 75kg

2).  Due to the integrated feet, the overall load length is less than the Evo range equivalent


Innovative load bars with two-way sliding function making it easier to load.  Particularly useful if you regularly load and unload products from the roof or have bulky, heavy loads.  Please note this style is noisier than WingBar ranges.

1). Includes t-tracks for easy changing of accessories on the bars

2). Bars slide 60cm in each direction for easy loading

3). Rubber grip handles let you move bars with only one hand

4). Maximum load of 90kg but as always, check your vehicle's max load too


Don't forget, Thule have done all the necessary research to recommend the correct fitment for your vehicle.  We take the information and update our own internal database on a monthly basis to ensure the data on our website is up to date.  That's why you should always use our buyer's guide when searching for roof bars as we will only show you the compatible products

Although there are cases where you can have a different length of bar, it's not recommended as it wouldn't comply with Thule's Crash Test Norms and would invalidate the warranty

It is possible to have the same locks and keys for all your Thule products.  Simply purchase a one key system by clicking here

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us on 01622 230988 and we will be happy to assist