Thule Allax XS Dog Crate

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The safe, reliable and easy to use dog crate for cars


Designed for real life

The Thule Allax dog crate is the perfect choice for safe and comfortable car rides with your four-legged friend. Designed for real-world situations, it is thoroughly crash tested and has an innovative crumple zone that provides superior protection for both passengers and your dog. The gas opens dampened door and closes softly, and the crate has a built-in lock for added security.

A perfect fit

The dog crate comes in ten different sizes, all with rounded edges to provide a perfect fit for both your car and your dog. Plus, the dog travel crate can be adjusted in depth for a perfect fit in your boot, and tension bands ensure that it stays securely fastened while driving. Well-designed and well-built – no noise or rattle will come from this premium dog crate.

Looking out for each other

Thule Allax features a window for improved visibility at any time. This way, you can check on your companion whenever you want.

Living an active life with your dog

The Thule Allax offers advanced protection and comfort for both short trips and long hauls alike. With its superior safety features, ease of use and convenience, there’s no better way to keep your dog safe while travelling than with this reliable dog crate from Thule.

  • Thule Allax dog crate is crash tested from the front and rear, as well as a simulated roll-over scenario
  • Innovative crumple zone provides superior protection for dogs in case of rear collisions
  • Available in ten different sizes and with adjustable depth to provide a perfect fit for both your car and your dog
  • The door's gas damping mechanism ensures a gentle open and close, enhancing your everyday interactions
  • The crate has a built-in lock for added security
  • The window and the openings in the crate make it easy for you to check on your dog any time
  • The crate is equipped with an escape hatch, that enables opening of the crate from the backseat
  • With our fit guide you will find the perfect sized dog crate for your vehicle (enter your vehicle in the fields above to be shown compatible product)
  • A range of practical accessories that make daily life with your dog even easier
  • Thule part number 770000
  • Dimensions L x W x H = 50 x 50 x 66-72cm
  • Product Weight - 15.5kg
  • Max Load Weight - 25kg
Size Guide

How to choose the right size dog crate
Choosing the right size dog crate is critical for your dog's comfort, safety, and well-being during travel. The crate should provide enough space for your dog to sit, stand, turn around, and lay down in a natural position. However, it shouldn't be so large that your dog can slide or be tossed around during travel, which can lead to potential injury.

Measure your dog
You need to measure your dog to make sure that the crate you buy will be the right size. Here’s how to do it!

Measure your dog's wither height
Use a tape measure to find the height from the ground to the top of your dog's withers (shoulder blades).

Match wither height to crate size

  • XS: For dogs with wither heights up to 35 cm.
  • S: For dogs with wither heights up to 45 cm.
  • M and M Compact: For dogs with wither heights up to 51 cm.
  • L and L Compact: For dogs with wither heights up to 55 cm.
  • XL and XL Compact: For dogs with wither heights up to 58 cm.

Size guide table displaying types of dogs and the corresponding sizes of dog crates

Thule Allax    Crate dimensions (HxWxD) 
XS 500 x 500 x 660-720 mm 
S 550 x 580 x 720-800 mm 
650 x 650 x 820-900 mm 
M Compact  650 x 650 x 770-820 mm 
700 x 690 x 930-1050 mm 
L Compact 700 x 690 x 870-930 mm 
XL 700 x 730 x 940-1050 mm 
XL Compact 700 x 730 x 890-940 mm 
XXL 750 x 780 x 1030-1200 mm 
XXL Compact 750 x 780 x 950-1030 mm 

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