What Bike Rack should I buy?
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Understanding different styles of Bike Rack

Not sure what type of Cycle Carrier to choose? Below is a simple guide to what is needed and how bike racks are mounted to the vehicle. In general, Boot mounted racks are cheapest and tow bar mounted the most expensive. Not all racks have universal fit and the individual products will have more information. If you're unsure if a rack is suitable for your vehicle, contact us first, we are happy to help.

Roof Mounted

Roof bars will be required to fit this type of bike rack to.

A selection of stylish and sporty bike racks that are easy to use and fit almost all bike dimensions.  Choose from fork, frame and wheel mounted racks that are designed to keep your favourite bike secure and protected.  Perfect for road bikes, gravel bikes, MTB bikes and much more.


Tow Bar Mounted

The vehicle will need to have a tow bar fitted to enable use of this type of bike rack.  We also fit tow bars at our Maidstone Depot and can offer supply only.  Head to our sister site for more information on ordering and fitting towbars.  WWW.TRIDENTTOWING.CO.UK

This style of rack is ideal for transporting lots of heavy bikes or ebikes.  Quick and easy to install and capable of carrying up to 4 x bikes.


Rear Door Mounted

If you don't have a tow bar or roof bars then this may be the best option.

These Cycle Carriers are easy to install and no preassembly is required.  This style lets you load your bikes at a convenient height.  Perfect for family bike trips or road biking.